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in your home, regardless of your experience level

Discover now - how you can very easily cut someone's hair
 and have it look like a salon cut ... every time

From Nadine Visscher

Dear hair enthusiaste

Like you, there are 1000's of people searching for the secrets for how to cut hair  from home and make it look  professional.
  • They want to know how to cut their own hair, men's hair, long hair, and kids' hair - and how to cut different textures  like curly  hair, thin hair, wavy hair, fine hair, and African American hair.  
  • They want to  know how to cut specific  cuts such as bobs, blunt cuts, flattop cuts, fades, clipper cuts, emo cuts, shags, mohawks, razor cuts, long layers, short layers, and bangs.

If you would like to

  • save at least $50 every month,
  • save the time that you spend traveling to the salon and waiting, and
  • have a salon quality haircut,

then this could be the most important information you'll ever read.

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  •  how to choose the type of fringe that suits you best
  • how to cut crescent bangs
  • how to cut rectangle bangs
  • how to cut triangle bangs
  • how to cut long, side swept bangs
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This is what people are saying about our free mini-course:

I really studied on the mini course to cut my bangs.  They always seemed to go "flat" even after I had them professionally cut.  Not to badmouth the gals that I had my haircuts with, but sometimes I wonder if they were paying attention to what I was asking for or telling them.  Then again, we are pretty much limited to hair cutters (?) here in Alaska too.  Anyways, I have done, me, myself, and I, a decent cut on my bangs!  Thanks to you!  They are curly (I have natural curl)and there is a cowlick in them too.  This made for a little problem but
I think I have the best looking cut on my bangs than I have had in years!
Debbie R.

keep shareing this free trial course about cutting hair, you help other people who cant afford to buy or download a video.

Amit S., Dekalb, Il

your course is nice, but what I like best is all the other awesome free tips you send every week.  keep 'em comin'!
Jason E.

I loved the instructions for the bangs. They were very simple straight-forward and easy to understand.
Georgina V 

I thought that your mini-course in bangs was great! The instrucions were clear, concise and easy to follow.
Angie P.

The cutting technique is very simple and clear. Even a beginner can practise it
Mr Ruchoonundun C.K of Mauritius

it helped me to even get better in cutting the fringe
fatimafonseca auckland

You don't need a college degree or a cosmetology license to know how to cut hair.  Despite what professionals say, it can be done from home.  They learned, didn't they?  Remember that they go to college to learn ... it can be learned, it's a trainable skill

You can learn the basic steps for the hair cutting techniques that each professional hairdresser uses.  They might not want you to know these basics because if too many people learn them, they would be out of a job.

In fact, I get emails from hair care professionals who don't like people such as you having access to hair cutting techniques. Here are a couple of examples.

Some are straight forward...

 "This is OUR profession. Our livelihood  By you cutting everyones hair, you are taking bread and butter off of someones table and in this cut throat industry, it isn't taken kindly."

Some simply aren't nice ...

"Yes, , we so called cosmetologist study tricology (the study of hair) and hair has to be cut be a PROFESSIONAL, What you don’t offer the folks out there is eyes behind their heads .... we don’t need maggots to invent imaginary dreams. It can’t be done! ... Just leave it to the professional, so the public has one less thing to worry about. Thank you"

Despite these opinions, the fact of the matter is, every day over 300 people search for information on how to cut hair. Even though it's not a shocking number, it goes to show that it's a rising  trend, an area of interest, perhaps caused  by our rising cost of living. For some reason, prices to seem to only go up, never down.  Somehow people on fixed incomes have to accomodate the price increases and are finding ways to cut corners.  And cutting hair at home is one way to do just that.

Then there is the issue of time.  Time is a precious commodity.

Did you know that the average person spends 40 minutes driving to and from the salon?  (That's not including the time it takes to wait for your turn or the time you spend getting your hair cut.)
I'm sure you've experienced your hairdresser multi tasking.  
  • Have you had a haircut that has been interupted by your stylist answering the phone, speaking to new clients that arrive, and checking someone else's perm rollers?  
  • When she comes back to continue with your cut, don't you wonder if she actually remembers where she left off? 
  • This makes a 15 minute haircut turn into a 30 minute haircut.

Speaking of multi tasking............

Many years ago I made the mistake once of going to get my hair cut close to Christmas.  It was really difficult to make an appointment at that time of the year and the only place I could find in a pinch was a small operation where a salon was connected to a convenience store.  BIG mistake.  My hair dresser was also the one running the store next door.  I don't think he was ever with me longer than 2 minutes.  Since he sold more pop and chips during my haircut than he did for the rest of the day, I wound up with a lopsided and interesting haircut. 

Does any of that sound familiar?

My name is Nadine Visscher and I have been cutting hair for the past 20 years.  

My first hair cutting experience was a bad one... 

  • I was 14 and was making a cake with the batter swirling around in an electric mixer.  
  • I had long hair that hung down to the middle of my back.
  • As I bent over to pick something up off the floor, the beaters caught some hair on the right side of my head.  
  • Every second, the electric mixer got closer and closer, eating my hair at a rapid rate. 
  •  I screamed, and my brother jumped up to yank the electric cord out of the socket.  (When it stopped, the beaters were 3 inches from my head!) 
  • There was just no way to untangle me - I had to get out the scissors and cut off at least 12 inches of my hair. 
  •  Then came the challenge of getting the other side of my head to match and to shape my hair so that it looked like I intended to cut it that way in the first place.....
As the years went by, I began cutting other people's hair.

It took a lot of trial and error to figure out a way to cut hair that was easy and yet looked good. 

I would purposely make trips to the salon to get my hair cut so that I could

  • watch specifically for haircutting techniques  such as angles, parts, where to begin the cut, and how to clean it up at the end by careful checking.  
  • ask a lot of technical questions and then I'd go home and try out her tips and hair cutting techniques on my family. 
  • make friends with my hairdresser and learn all I could from her, so she would give me a lot of insider tips and pointers while she  was cutting.

As the years went by and new hair styles/cuts came and went, my kids were always my guinea pigs and you could tell my successes and failures by their appearance. I am now confident that when I take out my scissors, my subject will look great when I'm done.  Since I had to find out the hard way, I've decided to put this site together to help you learn how to cut hair without making all the mistakes I made.

 There are a lot of resources out there that teach you how to cut hair, but they often are writing to someone who is somewhat familiar with haircutting.  They do not give a cut-by-cut, simplistic visual explanation for how to cut hair for the beginner.  Do not puchase information on how to cut hair unless it meets the following important criteria......

                                                        read on to find out!

If you would like to learn how to cut hair at home like a professional, you will need ...

  • Clearly laid out cut by cut directions.
  • You will fully understand how to perform each step of a haircut.
  • Illustrations to help explain the steps.
  • You can see picture by picture what each cut takes and how you need to make the cut.  It is completely visual.        
  • No prior experience.
  • Anyone can cut hair when shown how to do it.  Even if you've never handled a pair of haircutting scissors before, you'll be able to cut hair the day you finish reading the book.
  • Five basic cuts.
  • You will be able to cut almost any basic hairstyle.     
  • Very affordable price.
  • The book will pay for itself the first haircut you give. You will not only save the fees of budget haircuts, but much more. You will save the money equivalent to the fees that meduim to advanced skilled stylists charge ($50 - $100), because the more you practice and follow the detailed instructions, the better you get at it.      
  • Explanation of the form, texture, and density of hair and of how fast it grows. 
  • Understanding these basic principles of hair will allow your haircutting to be done in the privacy of your own home.  If you feel uncomfortable sitting in a salon with your hair wet and stuck flat to your head, staring at yourself in a mirror for 25 minutes, and trying to make conversation with a person you see only once every 4 - 6 weeks, you are not alone.  I have spoken to many people who feel that way. Here is what 3 people have to say about that-

"They always try to talk, then when they see you aren't interesting, they just completely ignore you and talk to the other stylists without even paying attention that they may be pulling your hair and hurting you.  My hair tangles really easily, so even if I make sure that it's completely tangle free before I go, there will still be tangles in my hair by the time I get there, making it really painful when they try to brush it with their little plastic combs."  Terri Wall (Prosper, TX)

"I'd love to be able to go to the hair dressers and get a descent cut, but I cannot stand people being that close to me, staring me in the face."  Faye Duffurd (Toronto,ON)

"I always panic big time at the hairdressers ... its that combination of having to sit still ... having someone too close to me ... being surrounded by skinny glamorous girls that make me feel like a moose... and then having to see myself try to cope with it all in the mirror."  Kelly-Ann Tanner (
Boise, Idaho)

  • Right and left-handed directions.
  • Since the majority of people are right-handed, most haircutting resources explain the necessary skills catered to right-handed people.  For some types of cuts, however, left-handed people have to cut from the opposite direction to do a neat, precise job.  If you are left-handed, you'll be able to perform the haircuts without confusion.      
  • Insiders tips for a successful, professional haircut.
  • You will learn the finishing touches that turn an average haircut into an exceptional one, that make a home haircut look like a professional quality salon cut.     
  • Specific style suggestions.
  • Learn which haircuts compliment your facial features the best.    
  • Instructions for what guidelines to follow, which angles to hold the hair and why, and how to part the hair to organize the haircut.
  • Once you've received the technical how-to's, you will be able to get the cut that you actually want, not what the stylist thinks you should have.  It's your hair, so it's your decision.   
  • Description of the tools needed to get the job done right.
  • You will know exactly what you will need to do a proper job.
  • Directions for how to hold your scissors, how to cut with them and how to hold your scissors while using your comb.
  • It may feel awkward at first, but you'll get the hang of it.  The time it takes you to get used to handling your scissors is nothing compared to the time you'll save cutting your hair at home.  Be prepared to spend 15 minutes driving to the salon, 45 minutes waiting for your turn, 25 minutes sitting with your hairdresser and then another 15 minutes driving home again.  That's over an hour and a half, and that's if everything goes without a hitch.  (Compare that to the 20 minutes it would take you at home.)  And the worst part is, you'll need to do it over again in at least 6 (if not 4) weeks.

You are only minutes away from being able to learn very valuable and professional skills ...

Inside the ebook  "The Beginner's Guide to Cutting Hair" you are about to discover exactly how to:

How to cut hair, Haircutting techniques
  • Hold a pair of scissors 13
  • Use guidelines to help you 16
  • Part hair to organise it for the 22 
  • Outline your 24
  • Cut bangs 30
  • Execute the one length layer 33
  • Cut the blunt 39
  • Perform the undercut................... 48
  • Give a long layered 56
  • Do a medium layered 73

Here's how this information has changed the lives of other people like you...

Testimonial picture "A Beginner's Guide to Cutting Hair" is a really great book for those interested in cutting hair at home.  The clearly explained and illustrated steps are repeated for each type of cut desired, so no matter which cut you begin with, you can't go wrong!"

-Jennie Luteyn
Chilliwack, BC

Testimonial Picture

"Very clear pictures.  Lots of pictures.  It's detailed, each step of the way.  Everything you want to know is pretty much there."

-Marion Eckhardt
Chilliwack, BC

"I recently bought your Beginner's Guide to Hair Cutting and have been reading the other mini-course lessons you have been sending.

Yesterday I cut my hair myself, used a hanging mirror to see the back.  I did the same length over all cut and I must say I really like it. In  fact,  I like it better than the hairdresser I've been going to. With  her sometimes I end up with a pointy head or an area in back that is obviously cut straight across instead of just blending in. Other times she cuts my hair too short.

I went slowly and carefully and only cut a little off. It looks great but next time I will cut off just a little shorter, by 1/4 inch.

What fun. Thank you so much!! I feel empowered."

Donna K.
Fresno, CA

"Hi there! Yes, i did receive the ebook, and i LOVE it! It's very informative and the steps make everything so easy. I've tried watching many videos, but found nothing that would help me like this has. So glad i found it, and can't wait to try a few haircuts out on myself and my family. Thanks Nadine!"

-Linda Frey

"Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Now I  cut my hubby's, my kids, and my grandchildrens' and even my best friend's hair.  Your book helped us save so much."

-MaryLou Vink
Edmonton, AB

"Now I can cut hair anytime I want. It takes 15 to 20 minutes, depending on how much cutting is necessary. So I not only have saved thousands of dollars, I've probably saved months of traveling and waiting time. Buying your book was definitely worth it!"

-Peter Bergen
Nashville, TN

Here are some pictures to show you what the basic one length layered cut looks like.

Before the haircut

Before the haircut
Before the haircut

After the haircut

After the haircut After the haircut

Our hair is an important part of our appearance – an accessory. It is so important to each one of us for our self esteem that we take care of it, maintain it, and make it more attractive. How important it is then to be able to give a great haircut.  Make your loved ones feel more confident about their appearance, knowing that you can help them look their best.


There are a lot of haircutting resources out there, but make sure any information you are considering buying includes the following:

  • Clearly laid out, cut by cut directions for the beginner
  • Insider's tips for a professional haircut
  • Illustrations to help explain each step of the way
  • No experience necessary
  • 5 Basic cuts
  • Specific style suggestions
  • Right and left-handed directions
  • Explanation for form, texture, and density
  • Instructions for guidelines, angles, and parts
  • Description of tools needed and how to use them.
You will find all of this information inside"THE BEGINNER'S

It would take you 1 year and $12,000.00 to take a course to become licensed to cut hair like a professional in a salon.  

If you get an economy haircut once every 6 weeks at $19.95, that costs you $172.89 per year  for just one person. If you have a spouse and 2 children, you can save $691.56 per year.

For a limited time you can download the ebook "THE BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO CUTTING HAIR" for exceptional cuts at home at the average price of a budget haircut,  $19.95, and have it downloaded to your computer in seconds!


When you download "THE BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO CUTTING HAIR", you will also receive the following "MUST-HAVE" additional bonus ebook:

How to cut hair, Haircutting techniques

"VARIATIONS OF 5 BASIC HAIRCUTS, How to Cut Hair Creatively" is a valuable tool which will give you many variations of the 5 basic cuts taught in "The Beginner's Guide to Cutting Hair". It shows you how to combine the basic styles and cuts to create many different haircuts.With this guide, you can cut almost any style you can think of.

 This ebook is valued at over $14.95 and will soon be sold seperately.

$14.95 Value!

Download "THE BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO CUTTING HAIR" on my secure server below,

 Learn how to cut hair properly, giving yourself the skills to save both time and money for the rest of your life.  Make your life easier and order today!

Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed

Solid Guarantee

  • Your investment of only $19.95 is completely protected by our solid guarantee. You can follow the specific directions and try out several different haircuts for an entire year (since cutting hair takes practice!). 
  • Because I am confident you will have enough knowledge to effectively cut hair after reading my ebook, I am going to give you 1 year to read and act on the contents of this ebook. But if after a year you are not completely satisfied with The Beginner's Guide to Cutting Hair, just email me and I will refund your entire payment
  •  And you can still keep the free bonus for your trouble.  That is my way of saying "Thanks for doing business with me."  So no matter what, you come out ahead.

With THE BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO CUTTING HAIR and a further path leading to advanced techniques I am so anxious to share with you, you will always be able to give salon quality haircuts in the privacy of your own home!

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  •  how to choose the type of fringe that suits you best
  • how to cut crescent bangs
  • how to cut rectangle bangs
  • how to cut triangle bangs
  • how to cut long, side swept bangs
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Happy cutting!

Nadine Visscher 

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